Received email from Lightspeed: "Your webhook is failing"

I received this email from Lightspeed, I use the Conform Plus template and have not customized anything. I use Shipstation, and have Order Alert on my phone. I am not a coder, and do not understand this email, I don't even know what a webhook is, please help!

Received April 23, 5:43pm EST:

Dear ,

Lightspeed eCom is not receiving a valid response from your application for the following webhook:


Webhook address:

You should review your application to determine why the webhook is not receiving a valid response. Common reasons for failing webhooks could include:

  • Webhooks not migrated after server migrations
  • Deprecated or webhooks used for testing that need to be deleted
  • Mishandled responses (outside of the 2XX range)
  • Upstream code returns a failure - responses should be 2XX regardless of their effectiveness towards a secondary goal

Please resolve this issue or disable the webhook.

Webhook details:

    "webhook": {
        "id": 38775,
        "createdAt": "2018-06-25T20:00:18+00:00",
        "updatdAt": "2018-06-25T20:00:18+00:00",
        "isActive": true,
        "itemGroup": "orders",
        "itemAction": "*",
        "language": {
            "id": 3,
            "code": "en",
            "locale": "en_GB",
            "title": "English"
        "format": "json",
        "address": ""




  • MixEdithMixEdith Member Posts: 19

    I received the same e-mail.

    No idea how to solve it.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 756 

    If it's a third-party that's receiving and handling these webhooks (e.g. - ShipStation), then I assume this means that their API consumer for the e-Com webhooks isn't sending back a HTTP 200 response back to Lightspeed. I would notify the third-party of the situation, since it's likely an issue on their end they need to look at!

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