QuickBooks Online - Reconciling Deposits of Credit Card Sales

I have just started with Chronogolf/Lightspeed Retail/Lightspeed Accounting. I am using the Summary Sales Receipt posting method. We have synced the last week or so of sales activity to our QBO. I mapped all the credit card and cash sales to Undeposited Funds. Should LSA be creating entries for the actual credit card deposits automatically and if so, where do I set that up? If not, here is what I have been trying to do: In QBO, I create a New Bank Deposit. I want to select the sales that occurred on the dates that appear on the Lightspeed Retail Settlement Report and then use Add Funds at the bottom of the deposit to enter the processing fees as a negative number. BUT, in every case except one, the sales don't match the Settlement Report so I can't create a deposit from the synced sales transactions. Is there another way to do this?


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    Oh my - I just figured out that the discrepancy is coming from the Restaurant side of the golf course. I haven't finished mapping those accounts so the transactions aren't syncing to QBO. Whew!

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    Hey @bookkeeperbrooks !

    Good to know! Glad there's nothing wrong, indeed!

    If you ever need anything, let us know!


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    All the best!


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