New guide: Migrating from OnSite to Retail

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Hello OnSite community,

If you're switching to our cloud-based platform, Lightspeed Retail, check out our new Help Center guide.

This guide covers everything from terms and workflow differences to how your OnSite data is migrated to Retail. It also has an FAQ if you'd like to start there.

If you have feedback for us, please share in the comments below! We'd love to hear from you.





  • agscanadaagscanada Member Posts: 44 ✭


    Would love to see some of OnSites features move into Retail....perfect blend!

  • snowboardworkshopsnowboardworkshop Member Posts: 2

    What we want is for the customer to be able to have a customer account that they can pay for work orders online and to be able to pre book in work orders just like ordering a pizza or self check-in at the airport . 

    Also to be able to have new customers to create a new account for work orders in store to save us time when it's busy .

    looking to have the e-com and retail pos work together as  this is available on your other platforms like restaurants as I'm sure that they can take online bookings and reservations with the option to do online payment or instore like when someone gets take away food like a pizza with different toppings for contactless pickups ! this must be available in the times we live in !

    How are other businesses making this work as the current system is far too time consuming and does not have a good flow for the customer or staff.

    I have been directed here as the regular help area can not help with this I can not see any reason why this is not an option please help asap :)

  • snowboardworkshopsnowboardworkshop Member Posts: 2

    looking for help with the question above is this the wrong place as the people on the phone directed me here .

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