Looking for a developer to build an API connection between our shop and another.

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Hi there,

We have a Retail and Ecom connected webshop. Now I am looking for a developer that can build an API that is making the connection between our retail and another shop called 'shop X' his ftp server. The idea is that this connection will push all the existing products from 'shop X' to our retail shop - and also will automatically push these products to our Ecom shop. This means the stock of 'shop X' is always updated because it's connected to the 'shop x' ftp server. Also this means that 'shop X' has another stock than our own shop.

Important is that the stock and all information of products of 'shop X' is both being pushed to Retail and Ecom.

Preferably looking for a Dutch company or Dutch speaking.

Please let me know! Lightspeed said I could ask here.


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