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I sell some very small value items big qtys like 8 000 000 or 12 000 000pcs and when I want to make quotation or send invoice total amount is correct but QTY and PRICE are overprinted together so I cant see price or Qty.

Obviously the cap should automated that these not cover over each oteher..

I can fix this only to use PDF expert to to write these manually and move price more left and then make Qty again.

This very poor "bug" that is basic thing that should not be there.

Same is when you use matrix - color and size set fields are way too small and hard to add any long names or sizes.

When you have lot of info you can see what is right color or size bcze these info fields are too small..

They should bigger or scaleable somehow.

thanks advance,

Markko 10years already use this onsite!

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  • Heather_MHeather_M Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 8 moderator

    Hello @marccosan,

    Thank you for reaching out and bringing this to our attention.

    One of our support agents has been assigned to your issue and will be reaching out to you shortly.

    Technical Support, Onsite

    Lightspeed HQ


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