anybody else having trouble using manual invoicing

TwibbergTwibberg Member Posts: 6

lightspeed ECom says you can use manual invoicing so if there is a change in the order, ie. Item inventory incorrect and items out of stock, you can deduct it from the invoice before capturing the credit card payment. This process saves you the time and money because you do not have to run a credit. I have a garden center and many times on a busy day, the products a person bought online may be bought by another customer before we ever get around to pulling the order. That could happen in a matter of minutes. In that instance you would either have to substitute the item after talking to the customer or just deduct it from the order before making the final invoice. I have not been able to accomplish this and after many hours in the phone with support, they finally informed me that the problem was in their end. They have had this program out long enough that you think they would have worked these problems out beforehand. I hope they fix it quickly.

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