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Looking for some insight into an issue we are having with the search function on the customer side of the site. Especially with matrices, we want customers to be able to find an item that may be in a matrix instead of its own item. For example, if we have a matrix for bike tires and it comes in multiple sizes at the moment a search for "22" tire" would return no results. We have a lot of products that are identical except for color and would like to have them in a matrix so the customer won't be overwhelmed with the results, but so far it seems that this would mean that if they searched for the color instead of just the item it would not return any results. How can we fix this issue?


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    The search has been a real problem and I would also be interested to know if there's any plans on expanding this. From the page in the help center, it doesn't look like the search covers variants, categories, or tags. 

    Our workaround to find variants in a search is to list them somewhere in the item description. "Available in 22", 24", and 26" sizes" or something like that. It's redundant and doesn't always look the greatest, but the search essentially only covers title and description so every possible search term needs thrown in there somewhere.

    Category names not displaying in search has been the biggest issue for us. For example, we have a category named "collars", but if a customer searches "collars" they don't display, because the item name/descriptions only say "collar". Customers who know what they want will often go straight to search instead of browsing through the menus. It's been so frustrating to watch Analytics and see a customer search for a simple term that we have an entire section of our store devoted to, find little to nothing, and leave.

    It's surprising that tags aren't included in the search - I originally thought that was the purpose of tagging something in eCom, not that customers would have to look through a large group of keywords to find what they want to search for. If the tags were searchable, we could add the variant names, category, filters, etc.

    There are some other quirks like words having to be in a particular order, "cage enhancer" (2 results) or "enhancer cage" (0 results). But that's a lot less frustrating than having them search the name of that category and miss all 64 items.

    I'm thinking about adding a "Keywords:" line to the bottom of my descriptions to add variants, categories, and filters, essentially typing in my own tags that people might search for. I'm hoping there's a way to avoid this. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    If you do end up doing the keyword method one possible strategy could always be to make the text and background color the same so at first glance it is invisible, only flaw is if someone highlights all the text the "hidden" text will appear too.

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    I too share your FRUSTRATION with this. The SEARCH CAPABILITY IS VERY POOR to say the least. Through watching Google Analytics, I have also seen many customers come and go because their search revealed no results, when in fact we have many items in stock. This leads to LOST SALES, which in my mind is unacceptable. Here's a great example: We sell lots of pillows. Since Lightspeed only searches the title, anytime someone searches the word "pillows" they only see 2 results. Whereas if they search the word "pillow" they would see 52 results. I spoke with Lightspeed about this months ago, and there answer was (essentially), "its a known issue, and we are considering improvements." Here we are MONTHS LATER, and like other issues, there has been NO CHANGE. Allowing the search function to also reference the Tags field is exactly what needs to happen. One would think searching Tags, and Product Titles would be easy. Adding a filter should be easy. Lightspeed is a big company, and they are growing. I suggest they use some of their cash, and invest in growing their Software Development Team so they can fix this, and other known problems (e.g. Customer Discounts Disappearing at Checkout) more quickly.

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