How to show brand name on receipt

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Hi there, I am wondering if anyone would be able to help out with regards to custom receipts. I am looking for some help with code to show the "brand name" field for items before the description. It appears to "not be supported", however I have seen other threads with custom code to show various other fields on labels and receipts so I am hoping someone could help shed some light in to this issue. Ideally, I would also like to show the matrix variant descriptors for the item such as the colour & size. I.e. have the receipt showing "brand-itemdescription-variant1-variant2"



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    Hey @gareth_e ,

    By default, this would fall into custom-coding territory as the basic, supported coding template (found here) does show it, but in the coding aspect of the receipt.

    I do know that @VintageWineGuy and @gregarican have a vaste knowledge-base. Maybe you guys have some intel on how to make it happen easily?


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    I have not yet delved the depths of adding new objects to receipts, so not sure. I do see this thread which covers some custom elements in labels.

    This is all a complete guess from here down...probably won't work.

    Taking a very quick look at the receipt template it doesn't look like Manufacturer is already being used, but I don't know what objects are available already to a receipt. It's possible is already hanging out somewhere. If so, you could hijack the manufaturerSku code that is there and see what happens.

    If you change {% set show_manufacturer_sku = false %} to {% set show_manufacturer_sku = true %} and take this:

    {% if options.show_manufacturer_sku and Line.Item.manufacturerSku %} <td class="custom_field">{{ Line.Item.manufacturerSku }}</td> {% endif %}

    and try this:

    {% if options.show_manufacturer_sku and Line.Item.manufacturerSku %} <td class="custom_field">{{ }}</td> {% endif %}

    and see what happens? Maybe nothing, but I am lazy so I would try something like this first to see what happens.

  • gareth_egareth_e Member Posts: 3

    @VintageWineGuy thanks for the insight. I ended up just putting the brand name in the matrix description.

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