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Hi there, I am wondering if anyone would be able to help out with regards to custom receipts. I am looking for some help with code to show the "brand name" field for items before the description. It appears to "not be supported", however I have seen other threads with custom code to show various other fields on labels and receipts so I am hoping someone could help shed some light in to this issue. Ideally, I would also like to show the matrix variant descriptors for the item such as the colour & size. I.e. have the receipt showing "brand-itemdescription-variant1-variant2"


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    Hey @gareth_e ,

    By default, this would fall into custom-coding territory as the basic, supported coding template (found here) does show it, but in the coding aspect of the receipt.

    I do know that @VintageWineGuy and @gregarican have a vaste knowledge-base. Maybe you guys have some intel on how to make it happen easily?


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    @VintageWineGuy thanks for the insight. I ended up just putting the brand name in the matrix description.

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    Perhaps useful for others starting our in retail, I've always followed this naming syntax for products and it's served me well:

    Brand / (Season) / Model / (Model Series or Specifics) / Size / Colour

    () = Optional

    Some industries will be better served by swapping Colour before Size, depending upon what you're looking for in an alphabetically sorted list of your products.

    (Model Specifics) can be things such as a minor unique feature that differentiates it from a similar model, or in our case for Shimano bike products there are model series codes published by the manufacturer on their public website that customers will refer to when trying to buy a specific item - so it makes sense to have them in the product name.

    My primary piece of advice is to write down a diverse sample of your products and some you think you might sell in future, have a think about how you will have to work with those and what is the most efficient way to do so. Then only include the information you truly need, unnecessary complexity will probably come back to bite you in the arse as your catalogue grows.. 😉

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