Self Order Mode - Table service (orders by customer)

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Dear API team,

We gonna open our restaurant after 1 June amid COVID-19. One of the important measurements set is waitstaffs should keep 1.5-meter distance with the customer which is not that easy. To protect our staff and of course our guests, we would like to keep as much distance as possible allowing them to place their order via their own phone or iPad. What I want is:

- Customers download the app on their phone or go to our self-order weblink.

- They connect the app in our wifi-network.

- They place the order and order is received to the waiters or our Main Cash Register.

- New orders are notified by a sound.

- Waiters review the order and verify or change or cancel the order.

- Once the order is verified, waiters can choose the table number of the guest and confirm the order. Then orders are printed in Bar and Kitchen.

I would like to know if Lightspeed API allows to link our account to third party app that we create.

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