How to help customers enter correct Billing Address?

VintageWineGuyVintageWineGuy Member Posts: 67

Hello, I have about 3-5% of my eCom transactions fail because of address issues (I am LS Omni, and LS Payments). I have tried several things to minimize the impact of this:

  • I moved to one step checkout so people can see their billing info and CC info on the same page. The multi-step checkouts are terrible for this as the customer cannot see their address at the same time as the CC, and once get to the CC page, they just get a "Fraud detected" warning with no explanation. My failure rate on those checkouts was probably higher than 10%.
  • I have used the automated payment reminder emails to prompt them to correct their address. However, per a previous support conversation, the customer actually needs to CANCEL the order - they can't rerun it once the CC has been declined for address issues.
  • Incorrect address issues often get saved to their profile, and they reoccur even if the customer fixes them in an a transaction

What can I do the help customers enter their address correctly? I get it, people should know their address. But people enter things like "Str" for street, they skip a space so it's 123Address, they put extra notes like "Bob Smith c/o John Smith" and the ONLY message and feedback they get from lightspeed is "Fraud detected".

Is there a way to change the message to provide more details? Is there a way to highlight the fields that caused the error (sometimes in the CC sometimes in the Address)? Is their a way for the customer to fix it without having to cancel the order (which about half of the people who have a failure do not).

This is just super painful to watch happen as it is a direct revenue impact that hits me after we made the sale. I am sure others have similar issues - is there any best practice or enhancements that can help this?


  • tpbolatpbola Member Posts: 13

    I'm working through some similar issues. Our third party delivery service accepts some address errors from the LS API and rejects others🙄

    I agree with the one step checkout, we did the same but your right, their ability to go back and change it is not clear. We use Stripe, and I'm not advocating for it over LS Payments, but we were able to edit the error message for address mismatch to be more helpful. Perhaps LS Pay has a way to edit the error message as well. I'd open a ticket if you haven't already.

  • VintageWineGuyVintageWineGuy Member Posts: 67

    I just lost another sale - $54.89 - because of this issue with the cart.

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