canada post api integration please help

hello we are trying to figure out a way to integrate a canada post api we are a canada based hockey team and this is our first online store and we have no idea what or how to do this. I did read that it can be done we oare only shipping our merchandise in north America. but we need help figuring it out

thanks in advance

Kevin Q

Victoria Grizzlies


  • JoeyJoey Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 277 moderator

    Hi Kevin,

    Integrating Canada Post using both API's is not easy and you would need to create your own shipping method.

    My recommendation would be to look into ShipStation or Easypost which provide an integration with Canada Post.

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  • VictoriaGrizzliesVictoriaGrizzlies Member Posts: 2
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    Hi, we are looking for a way to integrate Canada Post API to query shipping cost depending of customers locations. I know there're services like shipStation, easyPost and orderCup who offers multiples carriers including canada post, but do you know of a way to integrate only this API without having to purchase another services on top of Lightspeed... maybe I was unclear in my last post and I apologize for that am not very tech savvy anymore. especially when it comes to building websites.

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