Invalid grant on access token request

shawndshawnd Member Posts: 4

We have a process that has been working like a charm for about three years in authorizing clients. Just recently , we are getting back invalid_grant errors and "Authorization code doesn't exist or is invalid for the client".

I removed our code from the equation and just used postman to request , with the same result. I pasted the temp code within 10 seconds to postman , so it should not have expired.

This is blocking us from integrating with a new client.

Hopefully, just a silly mistake on my end.

Can I get some input/guidance here?


  • shawndshawnd Member Posts: 4

    Just tested again and we are up and running. Not sure what changed , but it works.

  • LeahLeah Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 219 moderator

    @shawnd Glad to hear you got it working, do let us know if you encounter this issue again.

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