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I have a quick and probably very easy question to answer. I was told if I used Color Swatch app that I can use that and it will allow more then the 12 standard images. My question has two parts. 1. Do the images then all need to be loaded through the Color Swatch app instead of the Matrix in LSR, if so is there any suggested app that can handle resizing all the images to the color swatch recommendations. If indeed this is the correct way to use this to get more then 12 images, do the exsisting images load into the color swatch or essentially am I managing images from both E com and Color Swatch.

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    The color swatch adds additional thumbnails not images so it's just a little icon not actually changing the image displayed. You need to use the app directly for adding the swatches. If you go to AdVisions actual site there is an app called Product Images that might be a better fit for you. You would still need to manage the images on a seperate platform but it allows for over 12 product images which Color Swatch does not.

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