Clarification on process registering client API for Authentication

DonyDony Member Posts: 17

Hi folks,

I have to take lightspeed POS data and push it some where else. for this I saw the best idea is to access the API and get required data from lightspee.

I tried to follow instructions given on here.

I have already submitted the request for approval. I would like to know, whether this process of getting temprary token is one time process or I need to do it every time. The reason of this is I want to get data from lightspeed as background process. If I will need to get the temporary token every time,then I will not be able to automate this process.

if this thing I need to do every time,do I have any silent option to get temporary token so that, my client doesn't have to do this every time.

I am new to light speed, please help me out on this.


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