When you build an Assembly (gift basket) with products that are already in the shop and therefore in the inventory, I think the majority of retailers would like to see the stock of the “component items” reflect how many of the item are in the building. As it is, Assemblies removes the item from Stock. If you are doing an inventory for that Vendor or talking on the phone with a customer and you look at the current stock level of the “component item”, you are not seeing the true number of the “component item” in your building.

When you go to an item in Inventory and look in Details, you are able to see Stock on the right hand side. This is where you could show the Total Stock and then break the total out by “On Hand” and “Assembly” or “Kit”.   


The other aspect of Assemblies we ran into that is a BIG problem is that when you run a Sales Report for a Vendor to then put together a fill-in order, it does not show the “component item” as having any sales. What if you sold twenty of the “component item” and you need more to build more Assemblies, when you run your report it will not alert you that this is a “hot” item and you are running low.

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    Hey there @Springer1116 ,

    Thank you so much for the feedback, I see the utility in being able to understand the true value of your inventory.

    We're always excited to see customers invested in making sure that the software is the best that it can be and I'll be sure to forward it as a potential suggestion!

    Thanks again for your feedback and time!


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