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How do you keep track of customer backorders? There is no check balance against the inventory when finalizing a sale, other than the non-effective warning, that disappears after any action. If I sell 15 items and I only have 7 in stock, without looking up that item in inventory I cannot tell our stock levels to create a "Special Order".

Secondly, attaching "Special Orders" to existing PO's.

Example, I'm selling 30 pieces, only have 7 in stock, but have 56 on order. I want to take the 7 in stock, backorder 23 for the customer. Then tag 23 pieces on the incoming order for this sale, so that when the order is received the receiver know to take out the 23 pieces and inform the salesperson to call the customer.

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    Hey @CarleyTUDS ,

    Currently, the warning we have in place is the one that appears on-screen. I'll forward your suggestion to our development team to determine if it's something they can implement into the software.

    In the meantime, for the workflow you have, what I'd suggest based off of the behaviours of the system is the following:

    1) Re-open the PO you've created with all 30 items, delete the line and add only the 7 you'll be receiving that are generic items to be sold in the future.

    2) Start a new sale with your customer associated to it and add the item, set the item to special order.

    3) Return to your open PO and go into the Special Order tab. All 23 items leftover on backorder can now be added to the PO under each customer's name.

    Ideally, this workflow works best if you already have set the items to special order before creating the PO.

    For more specifics, feel free to call-in to our support team! We're open 24/7


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


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