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We are currently on eCOM with OnSite, I've been working with a trial of Retail evaluating our migration path since OnSite will be EOL and we will loose our POS in March. We are an electronics store so 80% of our sales are of serialized products. With a large number of online orders with in-store pickups.

Is there a way to get Retail to behave more like OnSite when processing orders? Currently OnSite gives a very nice breakdown of which items have been reserved or are backordered. It allows for partial invoicing. And then when generating the Invoice, alerts items that need serials. The order to invoice flow was really nice for our staff for in-store pickup. Products were reserved ahead of time and then could be invoiced when picked up in-store.

From what I can see none of this happens in Retail? It's very hard to navigate orders, having to go through the inventory then shipping tab and then into the order? Since we have a large number of pickups, having to go through the shipping view is a bit counterintuitive for our staff.

I'm also missing where to add serial for a eCom order item, unless I'm missing something obvious.

It seems that orders can't be synchronized until the payment has been processed, so stock is not reserved until payment happens? We have a number of cases where orders aren't paid until picked up. We were also planning on rolling out a new payment integration so our customers could place an order and reserve their item, and have a parent or guardian pay for their item within say 3 days.

If Retail doesn't reserve stock we could easily end up with customers coming in and no item for them. Or worse telling a walk-in on the floor we have one and then having to tell them we were wrong after we to lockup to get the item for them.

Has anyone made this transition successfully? Any workflow recommendations? We really like OnSite, and it's frustrating to have a product discontinued out from under us with no replacement. I was hoping Retail would be closer to OnSite in features.


Greg Griffith


  • VintageWineGuyVintageWineGuy Member Posts: 113 ✭

    Oh, you are going to be very grouchy in the future.

    I am on Omni (both LS Retail and eCom), and sell wine. I don't know Onsite.

    We use the Retail Quotes and Layaway features quite a bit to do reservations (Quotes does not hold the inventory, Layaway does), but there is no similar functionality in eCom.

    Online orders need to be managed in eCom for all practical purposes. You do get the financial data in Retail, but you don't get any details on shipping. I have some folks in the store that print the order on a cash register receipt from Retail so they can pick/pack. But you still have to print the ecom packing slip or you miss the notes, shipping details, requests, etc.

    It is also almost impossible to have people place an order online without paying and then pay in store. There is an elaborate work around in the doc that requires about 5x the labor. There also looks like there is an option to "Cash on Delivery" that I tried but apparently it is deprecated functionality, or only works in Europe, or some other excuse - anyway, it didn't work. After many, many attempts we gave up on "Buy online, pay in store".

    No serial numbers anywhere in eCom. Maybe a plug in (extra cost there of course)?

    Also, watch out for Negative Inventory. You mention warnings at the register - doesn't happen. With Negative Inventory (on by default now I believe) it will let you sell the item anyway and you won't notice. I have people buy an item online, then someone in the store sells the item because it is on the shelf and doesn't notice they go negative, then when we go to pick it we have no inventory. Just make sure you test that process to make sure you understand what is happening.

    Another minor fun thing is BOPUS orders still generate the same emails as Shipped orders. So customize your emails. They also go immediately to "READY TO PICKUP" not "WE ARE WORKING ON IT" so it is confusing to customers who think the order is ready immediately with no pick time. We had one today someone came in for a custom gift basket that wasn't ready and they said "The email and the website said it was ready."

  • griffithgriffith Member Posts: 7

    As if I wasn't already grouchy enough on this project.

    Fortunately I'm just the developer, and not on the sales floor :) I'm glad to at least hear that I'm not crazy and that these things are really missing.

    Sounds like we have a lot more thinking and digging in to do yet. We have a lot of students working for us so the lack of stupid mistake warnings is unfortunate, and it was a big plus that only the managers had to touch eCom. Part of me wants to run from Lightspeed as fast as I can, but I can't seem to find anything better that's not Netsuite/Dynamics money.

    That's a great point on the emails. Sounds like I will be replacing that with a custom integration after all. (I've had issues getting emails working at all for our domain and was told the feature we need isn't a priority)

    Thanks for the very thoughtful response! At least it seems possible to make it work as long as the whole team is onboard and on their A-game.

    Time to buy another stress ball..

  • agscanadaagscanada Member Posts: 41 ✭

    We migrated from Onsite to Retail with eCom last year.

    Have always felt they need to move many on Onsites features into Retail.

    Essentially you are correct in what you hav gathered so far. If a customer purchases and pays online that transaction is completed. You would then have to head into Inventory, Shipping and then select the order and apply a serial number to the transaction in Retail. No where on the eCom side is a serial number ever recorded.

    As mentioned by Wineguy - if a customer selects store pickup but does not pay before hand online then it will not remove that item from inventory until payment is collected - which can cause that inventory issue.

    We also run into a issue where there might be 15 online orders awaiting payment, we have to cancel each order after a few days (abandon carts) then go into retail for each item that was on those orders and just “save the item” this forces our real inventory numbers back over to eCom and adjusts eComs inventory.

    There is a ton of awesome features in Retail but Lightspeed truly needs to get these two in Sync - eCom often just feels like a used dated system they have ported over.

  • sinansinan Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 8 moderator

    Hi @griffith

    Like @agscanada and @VintageWineGuy suggested, it is currently not possible to add a serial number directly on the eCom side. You would have to navigate to the order in the Shipping tab and add the serial number in this screen.

    When it comes to order processing, with Retail Omnichannel, orders only synchronize to Retail once the payment is complete. However, there are exceptions to this rule such as the "Pay by Invoice" payment method, where the order immediately downloads to Retail even if it is Awaiting Payment.

    If you are looking at building a custom payment solution using the API and you want the orders placed through this custom solution to download to Retail immediately, you can replicate this behaviour by setting "post_payment: true" in your external payment service. You can click here to learn more about this in our API docs.

    Have a nice day,

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