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These are just some things that seem like minor adds and tweaks that would help us day to day..

  1. Partial returns...the way it is now...having to go into the invoice from reports, opening it and doing a misc. return for a partial dollar amount, then in addition to all that still have to go in an add it back to inventory.

Preferred of course would do the return with just being able to adjust the amount on the item so the item goes back into stock like it would on full refund. If that is not an option could you let us please create a new sale with the time and allow us to input a quantity of -1 for the item along and let us adjust the amount for the item.

  1. (2) Inventory quick edit for multiple items. This truly drives me bonkers. If these fields that are missing in the drop downs it would be great, i honestly don't get why they are not already there as they are edible in the items themselves...just seems like they were forgotten these are the only ones so far i have:
  • online price
  • vendor id
  • notes
  1. (3) Product images on receipts ( at least for full page receipts).

If not that how about on a packing slip print option.

  1. (4) Product images shown when viewing inventory, and ringing up sales from the pc side of things.

Seeing the products is crucial a majority of the time. It at lets us see them on iPad sales platform. let us see them on the pc too for sales. I find it helpful as well just in the going through times for re-ordering, see it helps especial for variants, similar and so forth.

  1. (5) Purchase orders. accidentally receiving additional items and steps you to go thorough to correct it is a bit much.

If we could just go in and adjust the received times, it even if its already added to inventory it would help.

  1. (6) Home Page.

Could we please have more options for the charts and so forth. Monthy comparison would be great. Vendor options / and so forth. Right now its very limited.

  1. (7) Reprinting a receipt.

Could we have an option when for the where it shows the sales to reprint the receipt with out having next to the refund option...meaning with out having to go to reports to reprint a receipt.

  1. (8) additional fields on the retail tab to sync to eCom. For myself I just need 5 additional fields that would be a tremendous time saver and as well integrate into google feeds and so forth.
  • Description (to sycy with the "description" field in eCom aka shorter description.
  • CONTENT Description

Coming from Onsite i get there are not as many bells and whistles or rather LS retail is not as robust...but these are simple things that our business use daily and would think others are too. If anything just to take some extra steps out of the process for us. Thanks

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    Hey @CWD ,

    Thanks for these suggestions. I'll make a note of them and provide them to our development team. They'll take the information and see if we can include it in the roadmap. We don't usually get access to updates, so if it gets added, it's usually communicated to us last-second for security and go-to-market reasons.

    We're always appreciative of getting feedback from customers who are interested in making the software as best as it can be!

    Enjoy your day!


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


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