Partially Received PO's - should post a bill to Quickbooks



  • VirginiaVirginia Member Posts: 2

    This was a discussion from 2 years ago. This is a major issue for our business as well. It doesnt look as if there have been any changes made. What is Lightspeeds plan with this. Really is a headache.

  • aschroeder_gtaaschroeder_gta Member Posts: 1

    LightSpeed has not updated about this issue for a while. Any idea when we can expect a resolution? We are new to LightSpeed and were told a fix was coming.

  • CarleyTUDSCarleyTUDS Member Posts: 15

    Aschroeder_gta, be ready for a long wait! This issue has been on the list since day one.

  • natronsnatrons Member Posts: 3

    Please add +1 to this being priority #1 for new features. We signed on with Lightspeed 3 years ago and were told that the PO/receiving workflow was being completely redesigned and was 6-8 months away. Meanwhile, there have been no workarounds provided and inventory management is nearly impossible in Lightspeed.

    This is a fundamental part of Retail, from the smallest store to the biggest retailer. Not being able to easily see what is on order, what has been received off a PO and what is remaining handicaps our business. Not to mention that we have to enter all invoices in Quickbooks manually, even though we are using and paying for Lightspeed Accounting. Lightspeed, please fix this as soon as possible.

    We are looking for alternatives as this mess is creating enough problems for us to go through the hassle of moving to another system.

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