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Is there anyone at lightspeed that is in a position to help us integrate AR - (Augmented Reality) to our website?

AR is set to be a big part of the future of ECom as discussed here [point 5] -

Other ecom platforms are now offering it as a standalone feature at no extra cost like shopify.

I know LS probably needs 100 merchants before a serious decision can be made but as the saying goes - If you build it they will come! and all great things must start somewhere.

Is there anyone at LS that may be able to get in touch to discuss any potential support / help / advice?? 👌

I have identified 3 main areas to achieve the goal

1- work with a developer to design / implement a script that links the 3d asset to the product and displays a label that shows a 3d preview is available.

2- store the 3d assets using a 3rd party solution

3 - testing to make sure compatible AR devices trigger the permissions request to use the devices camera and non ar devices to show the asset as a simple spin.

Thank you in advance for any help / support

All the best

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