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Are you losing sales, and don't realize it? If you use Discount Rules, you are probably losing sales when discount disappear at Checkout, and customers abandoning their purchase. This has been going on OVER ONE YEAR. Lightspeed has been well aware of this and STILL HAS NOT FIXED THIS! You should test your site immediately, and advise on this thread if you are experiencing this. To test this:

1>. Add discounted items to your Cart

2>. Proceed to Checkout

3>. Log in as a REGISTERED Customer

4>. Navigate away from the Checkout. Go to the Cart, and then back to Checkout. You should see your discounts disappear on the Checkout page. If you navigate to add other items to the Cart, and go back to the Checkout, the discounts will not appear.

We are experiencing this with our REGISTERED CUSTOMERS, who are our most loyal, and most high value customers. Through watching Google Analytics, we have seen MANY registered customers abandon their sales. It has COST US THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

If you too are experiencing this, please post here so Lightspeed will get around to fixing this.

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