Getting 404 after authorization request

paywithbouncepaywithbounce Member Posts: 7

I'm initializing the authorization request by following the instructions in your API docs. We're sending our users to the following address:{OUR_CLIENT_ID}&code_challenge={OUR_CODE_CHALLENGE}&code_challenge_method=S256

And that works. I'm able to enter Lightspeed POS credentials and press "Allow" to grant our app access.

The problem is that after granting access, it displays a 404 error, even though the redirect URL is a valid address. This is the URL of the 404 page:{OUR_URL}.com?state={BLAH_BLAH_BLAH}&code={BLAH_BLAH_BLAH}

Also, is there somewhere we can change the redirect URL? I would like to change it from app.{our_url}.com to https://{our_url}.com/grant



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