Registering a Client - Microsoft Flow

netcatnetcat Member Posts: 1

I am currently running a trial of Lightspeed. I haven't worked with APIs before, but I wanted to dip my feet in the water by connecting up to Microsoft Flow/Power Automate and try out some automation. Lightspeed is currently at the top of my list for the POS upgrade at my main place of employment, but I'm hoping to be able to add a little enhancement to seal the deal.

In order to get the authentication going, I understand I have to register my application and requires "The homepage of your application or a page giving information about the application. The Website URL must point to a server you control." I'm not sure what to put here, since I'm working within an O365 tenant on products and servers that Microsoft controls. Do I just need to throw up a random webpage somewhere so someone in your approvals department can read that I'm just testing things out? I would think I'd want to put, but this is clearly not a "server I control." I gather from Microsoft's documentation that the correct redirt uri for native applications on their platform is


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