Conditional Disscounts

Hello everyone, I'm just setting up the first POS and as I'm poking around I'm wondering if there is a way to do say a buy 3 get 1 free discount that will automatically apply the discount for a set time period? Also any advice on a decent loyalty card that's reliable, affordable and flexible?


  • cdoremuscdoremus Posts: 4Member
    For sales/promotions like this you could set up a event that has a expiration date.  We use appcard for loyalty and it works well for the buy x get 1 free sales. It also allows you to set a expiration date for promotions
  • SuitCityofOrlandoSuitCityofOrlando Posts: 1Member
    If you want to have something for that purpose in store without an additional loyalty program.  What you need to do is create an item in lightspeed w/ that title.  For example, we had a we suits for $159 deal.  The suits are priced at 69.99 each.  We have an item called "3 Suits for $159.99 Promotion" and it's priced at -$49.98; which would bring the subtotal for the suits down to 159.99.
    That is the easiest method to do that without getting into the complicated and not really explained price rules.
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