Linking Work Orders & Sales Orders to Purchase Orders

Is there a way to link Purchase Orders to corresponding customer orders? For instance, we drop ship product directly to customers from our suppliers and we're having organizational difficulties correlating the various purchase orders to their corresponding sales/work orders. Our previous software allowed us to generate POs directly from the the sales order, but Lightspeed doesn't appear to have a similar feature with its Retail software.


  • ElGeeElGee Member Posts: 11

    Look at using Special Orders for the item. Not sure if it would work for you case.

  • HootenannyHootenanny Member Posts: 2

    That's what I've been utilizing as a temp fix, but I was hoping for a way to auto-generate off the sales order, like Onsite does.

  • VanessaDVanessaD Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 352 moderator

    Hey @Hootenanny

    You could always use the Notes feature in the sale to your advantage here.

    You can add notes after sales are completed, so if you were to go into the sale ID in the All Transactions report after creating a PO in the system, you can use the internal note to link the PO number to the sale in question.


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