Sale By Brand

JFTRyanJFTRyan Member Posts: 1

I know there is not the option to create a sale on eCom just based on brand. We have created a workaround by using a discount code, but it is time consuming to set up and not a great way to show a sale.

We have many different brands where the individual items within the brand fall under numerous categories. This makes moving an entire brand to 1 category (in order to put that category on sale) impossible.

This would help so much as certain vendors give us specific dates when we can run a sale on their product. It would be a great feature if we could select a sale by brand, and then %/$ off, just like the option of creating a sale based on a category.

Has anyone else ran into situations where this would be beneficial? Could this possibly be added to the Discount Rules? I know I would be using it often.

Thank you


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