Inventory Turns on items less than 365 Days Old

lizatesbylizatesby Member Posts: 2


As a fashion retail company, all of our product is seasonal. Thus, it's rare that we have any time in stock for 365 days or more. We want to be able to look at the Inventory Turns report so that we can see which styles (matrixes) are selling at the most volume and pace, so that we can identify which styles to quickly reproduce or reallocate in our assortment. The current Turns report is not helpful since any given style of the season is much less than 365 days old, its average inventory over 365 days is quite low, and so the turns information is not accurate.

To find the numbers I'm looking for, I've been taking Lightspeed's turn rate, referencing a separate inventory age report to find the age in days of the good, then multiplying the Lightspeed turn figure by the age relative to 365 days, but of course I'd love to build a report that does this extra steps -- any ideas on how to achieve this?


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