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  • jeroenTPLjeroenTPL Member Posts: 6

    @Jamesratcliffe or other moderator, can you please share a status update?

  • jeroenTPLjeroenTPL Member Posts: 6

    Is there an update @LightSpeed?

  • kbgkbg Member Posts: 2

    We're waiting for this feature also.

    There's no other channel for us to get information on this issue other than this forum. Given that, could we please get some clarity about the status of this request?

    Is this being worked-on? Is it planned? Is there an ETA?

  • LucienVersendaalLucienVersendaal Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 991 moderator

    Hi all,

    This feature is still something that needs to be prioritized by our devs. When there is something to announce, we'll do that directly via this thread

  • kbgkbg Member Posts: 2

    That sounds like a hard 'no'.

    I'll be recommending people look elsewhere for managing their work shops. Businesses don't have time to be dragged on like this with half-hearted updates for years.

  • DarcyADarcyA Member Posts: 1

    It is very painful - After almost 10 years of waiting for Lightspeed to develop API intagration for workorders and 10 years of being told that one day the development team will get to it - I have come to the realization that that there is no development team

  • dexter360cyclesdexter360cycles Member Posts: 2
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    BIIIG plus one for this. We are a service based business and we have to manually create 15-20 workorders when customers want to make an online booking.

    Here is the tedious process we have:

    Use a 3rd Party booking provider, (we did use the LS eCom one, but it was very hard to use update or change)

    Once a booking slot is made, we need to:

    1 - Copy and paste customer details and notes from an email we get

    2 - create a new workorder, sometimes a customer (which is a big pain)

    3- Update Hook in and out notes

    4 - Update Time in and time out

    5 - Update Status

    6 - Add noninventory "booking notes" item

    7 - Add internal and external notes

    All of this takes approx 3 minutes (I have timed myself doing these, and this is the average. )... Doing the maths, that is approx. 7 hours a week, or 300+ hours a year, for something that an extremely simple Api request could do automatically :)!!

    Lightspeed, for our 4th Anniversary of this request in March, please make our dreams come true :)

  • dexter360cyclesdexter360cycles Member Posts: 2

    @Lightspeed is there any updates?

  • Ali_MasoumieAli_Masoumie Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 376 moderator

    Hey guys,

    I don't see any updates on this subject. We will definitely let everyone know if there is news on this.

  • SBGSBG Member Posts: 8

    First I like to say, generally LS has done some pretty amazing work. It's impossible to keep everyone happy. I understand LS needs to develop what majority of customers request, it is only logical.

    But there is just about zero transparency other than random threads such as the above only documenting years of disappointment. I was excited to see the date of the original request thinking great something has to have been done by now only to be incrementally more disappointed with each hopeless request / response.

    With all that being said, there should really be a simple UI for properly documenting our requests so we can all have a proper vote / say as LS seems to suggest is the current policy. As customers we really deserve a way to properly document and vote for features with some transparency.

    The current situation seems to be just like your typical government, only a story of dev based on customer demand but really no one really knows who is calling the shots or how customers can clearly document / vote their true wishes.

    At least get us some basic update / create functions to show some good faith.

    Sorry for the long winded post and please Up-vote me. Thank you.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 921 

    Lightspeed had a specific area for this. An ideas site, where retailers would submit fix and enhancement requests. Other peers would vote on them, and Lightspeed would then consider placing them into their development queue. This was a relatively active site, where you could trace the progress of the more popular requests that were approved. From being on the roadmap, to being under development, to being ready for release.

    Unfortunately a little over a year ago Lightspeed "temporarily" took this site down. With no prior notification to the retailer community. See for details. Very disappointing, seeing it seemed to be a productive platform. You can read what you want into the big picture, but as for me, I take it as an indicator that sales is a profit center and development is a cost center.

  • SBGSBG Member Posts: 8

    Thanks for the update Gregarican. Now you further prove my point it is exactly like government.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 921 

    @SBG at least most governments gives their citizens a

  • SBGSBG Member Posts: 8
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    Looks like the only way I see so far to do it is how quote machine did it, with a chrome extension:

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  • sbgdgnmsbgdgnm Member Posts: 5

    Checking in again, we need API work orders. What happened to the ideas site with voting?

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 921 
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    @sbgdgnm that site was taken down with no announcement or notification. Back in March 2021. From a thread back then, Vanessa from Lightspeed said:

    The Lightspeed Ideas page was removed temporarily while we revamp it so merchants can have a better experience and get better insight on where we're at with enhancement options.

    Methinks that "removed temporarily" is corporate speak for something else entirely. Seemed like a good experience that indeed offered better insight. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence that enhancement requests and flat-out basic functional gaps will see the light of day...

  • CyclocarbonKimCyclocarbonKim Member Posts: 2

    Another +1 for this feature, we'd really like to create a work order via the API.

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