Adding the color and the size to the label

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I'm trying to show on the label the color and size of the item ( matrice attributes) and the style number ( custom field) and I delete the description.

In order to Add the color and the size I reached out to a developer and he was trying to add the size and the color of the item by adding few lines in the template such <p> {{ Label.item.color }} </p> and <p> {{ Label.item.size}} </p> but none worked for us.

so he asked me to ask you about the name of the classes of the color and size of the item which they are matrice attribute and style number which is custom field, or how he can find them?

However, It was easy to add the custom sku number, we just added {{ Label.Item.customSku }} but the color/size and style number are giving us a hard time and delaying our work progress.


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