Checkout Funnel - 6 step process is 3 too many

AbbasAbbas Member Posts: 71 ✭

Does anyone else think that the checkout process is unnecessarily long?

At the moment customers

1 - view the cart

2 - Look ate the details page

3 - Then Shipment

4 - Next payment

5 - Review

6 - Finally BUY!!!

This is overly long and needs to be looked at urgently

If it cant be done in 30 seconds or less from start to finish it will be abandoned.

ONE Step / One page are the ugliest checkouts available that leaves multistep and multistep has too many steps.

We are trying to compete with advanced one click options and Apple Pay / Google Pay that have already been around for ages. Our checkout is the single greatest reason that a customer would abandon the checkout process and although we are at the precipice of change [except if your in europe or using easypost / shipstation with digital wallet] we have some serious catchup to do.

Who else thinks feels that lightspeed is letting its merchants down by the lack of express checkouts / inability to customise the process / ugly types of checkouts and way too many steps.


  • VintageWineGuyVintageWineGuy Member Posts: 120 ✭

    I agree, and it is a frequent topic of my rants here on the forum.

    1. It is long and ugly/difficult
    2. It the customer makes a typo in address or Credit card, the transaction will fail and the customer has almost no way to correct the issue, and ZERO indication what the issue was. They get a generic declined or fraud detected message (at least if you are using LS payments). The transaction then goes in to "Awaiting Payment" and you have to call the customer, cancel the order, and ask them to start all over being careful of typos. This one costs me at least 1 order a week, usually 2-3.
    3. Having Loyalty in Omni is great, but none of my customers can figure it out. I have had 2 customers successfully use Loyalty rewards without calling or emailing asking how to do it. It is too hidden and non-obvious.
  • AbbasAbbas Member Posts: 71 ✭

    I cannot believe as it stands there is no native support for express checkouts using any set up shipping methods!

    It is really very annoying and it feels like LS are not giving this the focus and attention it needs!


  • AbbasAbbas Member Posts: 71 ✭


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