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Hi folks,

Stock value which comes while Item Search. how to find this out using API.

So far I found that I can get stock information using "InventoryCountItem" but somehow the information is not matching with UI. As per screenshot UI is showing that I have 3111 in stock,but when I tried to get infromation using API, it is showing me different value.

API Screenshot is below:

help is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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    Please share the API request you made that produced the response. It might help narrow down what's going on 😀

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    Re-reading your original post it appears as if you are hitting the InventoryCountItem API endpoint. This is related to results of a physical inventory, meaning barcode scanning items to reconcile what's physically scanned versus what LS Retail says is on-hand. The on-hand counts could differ due to missing a few scans.

    If you are looking to pull a total on-hand for an item from LS Retail via the API, then you can perform a GET request like this:{AccountId}/Item/{ItemId}.json?load_relations=["ItemShops"]

    The ItemShops array will include ShopID: 0. This represents a sum on-hands across all shops. This total will match what the LS Retail web client displays for on-hands.

    Does this help?

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    thank you for the help I was looking wrong API to get inventory information. I need the items available in shop which already comes inside itemshops relation at the time we load item information.

    thank you for the help

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