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Our client, who is a restaurant owner and uses Lightspeed Restaurant, would like to offer his menu online through his website and mobile app as a contactless delivery and pick-up service. I read in another thread that the Restaurant API is a closed one and we applied to be a partner using the form on the website. Sadly, after two weeks, we have not received any feedback other than the email sent upon completion of the web form. We also tried calling and was unable to get on to anyone.

Can you please advise us on the next possible steps? The client is very anxious to move forward. Will it help if the client made contact directly?

Thanks in advance!


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    This sounds more than reasonable. It's hard to believe in the year 2020 (not to mention the whole pandemic thing) that this platform doesn't already offer an online/app option so that customers could order outside the physical location.

    So LS Restaurant doesn't already have an online/app plug-in for this?🙄

    EDIT: It appears as if the there are actually LS Restaurant partners that offer this functionality -->

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    The client prefers to his own "platform" vs subscribing to one; we haven't been able to find  an online/app plug-in that we can use? I appreciate the response though; thank you.

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    Hi @rjkirton,

    I understand that. First of all you need to be partner to build apps for our resto product because this is a closed API. We have like 15+ online ordering apps, so no chance to build your own unfortunately. You can check here all the integrations we have regarding online ordering

    Change extention .com / .nl / to see different integrations.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for your reply @LucienVersendaal.

    We have applied to be a partner and to date we have not received any replies from Lightspeed.

    The client wants his customers to be able to pay online for their orders. Unfortunately, the payment options available current apps you have showcased are not yet available to Caribbean businesses.

    I sincerely hope Lightspeed will reconsider our application.

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    Hi @rjkirton,

    My colleague in NOAM is picking this up, I will ask her to reply on your request.

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    Hi @LucienVersendaal ,

    I also have the same issue. I could not get the client ID and client secret after creating the account. Even though I found a link where it is mentioned to contact the team through Partner Application. I have also filled the form but still did not get any more updates. I only got a message about the form submission. so can you please share any other contact support options where I can directly contact the Team via chat or call to get the client ID and client secret.

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