Who connects Lightspeed to an accounting package?

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Who connects Lightspeed to an accounting package? 4 votes

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Don't know


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    I ask this question following a recent discussion I had with someone from Lightspeed. It never occurred to me that anyone using a POS system would not connect it to an accounting package. It was suggested to me that many people may just export some PDF of CSV files and hand them over to their 'accountant'. I guess in a way that is still connecting to an accounting package - just a very manual way of doing things.

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    We use Lightspeed Accounting to connect to Xero.

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    Hey @NickS ,

    Currently Lightspeed accounting is available and compatible with Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Xero, Exact Online and Sage business Cloud Accounting. This is an API that takes your sales data out of retail based on your setup within LSAccounting and posts them over daily, Monday to Friday. If you're interested in this, feel free to reach out to your accountant, or go to the Lightspeed Accounting Login Portal to register for a free-trial.

    You can also go into Lightspeed's Reports section and go to the Quickbooks Settings and Options to start populating the name of the accounts + the Quickbooks Exports to generate Exports for periods at a time. This does export as an IIF file and we do recommend the use of Quickbooks Desktop 2018 or older (it's an older function). Should you try to import this into another type of accounting platform, isn't necessarily impossible, but the results cannot be guaranteed.

    Hope this helps shed some light!


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.


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    Hi Vanessa,

    I posed the question as an existing LS/Xero user. I was told by one of the team there that they didn't think many people were actually connecting LS to an accounting package directly (which sounded highly implausible to me) - rather they were exporting data in some form or another and then creating their own form of API to get that data into an accounting package.

    The initial question came about because of my ongoing disappointment in LS addressing my concerns about inconsistencies between LS reporting and what Xero shows. I seem to be one of the few people expressing concern hence wondering if people really weren't connecting LS to Xero/QBs etc.

    I still have lots of issues and they don't seem to be addressed and no one there really seriously wants to engage.

    Kind regards,


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