Determining customer contact information for contact tracing purposes

abrichrabrichr Member Posts: 2


We are building Contact Tracing AI, a software system that helps organizations leverage their existing technology infrastructure (e.g. Video Management, Point-of-sales, and Access Control) to identify customers and employees who may have been exposed to known COVID-19 cases, automatically and at scale.

We would like to integrate with Lightspeed Retail and/or Lightspeed Restaurant POS in order to associate contact information with customers in videos. Reading through the documentation I found, which seems to indicate that this is possible. However, I have couple of questions:

1) How does customer contact information make its way into the system? Is it automatically made available by Lightspeed whenever a customer makes a transaction, or is there some additional process that is required?

2) Presumably we have to be approved and/or authenticated in some way, and there is some degree of access control so that we do not have access to all customer information all at once. How exactly can a third party application developer gain access to customer contact information?

Any additional feedback or guidance would be appreciated.


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