CommentSold Integration in Retail

khoffmannkhoffmann Member Posts: 1

I recently enabled the integration with CommentSold -- I think it will generally work, but when it was enabled a separate Shop/Location was created in my Lightspeed Retail subscription. I was surprised by that because I have a single brick and mortar retail location and I also want to sell items online via CommentSold. The problem is that because another shop/location was created, I need to decide to either move inventory into CommentSold or have it available via my brick and mortar location. What I'd like to do is have the same set of inventory available both via CommentSold and in my physical store. I imagine my use case is pretty typical of other small boutiques who want an omni-channel sales experience.

Is there a way to merge my existing physical shop/location into the new location that was created for the CommentSold integration? In the CommentSold app I don't have a way to select the location that is used, so having it combined on the Lightspeed side of things is the only way I can get this working.

Thanks for any help.


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