Shipstation Importing orders from lightspeed

kailaseguinkailaseguin Member Posts: 16

I have integrated shipstation and lightspeed, but only some of my orders are importing to shipstation.

When the customer selects a shipping method that's been set up through Shipstation, the order will import to shipstation.

If the customer selects a Manual shipping option that I've created in Lightspeed, their order will not be imported to Shipstation.

Shouldn't ALL of my orders be imported to Shipstation? How can I get them all to be imported? I'm wondering if I am missing something in the mapping section?

The reason why this is important is because I offer free shipping over $50, and I set that up as a Manual Order in Lightspeed. However, I have to manually create a shipping label every time this happens. It would be much faster if it could automatically import to Shipstation where I can create the label from there.

Any advice/input??

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