Attach Customer to Sale

AlexAlex Member Posts: 11
Is there a way to attach a customer to a sale after the sale went through? The reason is, there was a special order for customer which is now as "ready for pickup", but the customer came and bought the item but the staff didn't add them to the sale.


  • DerekBDerekB Partner Posts: 2 partner
    I've had to do this a few times Alex.

    What I've been doing is.
    • Bring up the Inventory Items page of one of the products on the ticket in question.

    • From there I get into the Sales screen for that item, identify the transaction ID in question on the left and click on that.

    • From there you should see an Customer section and be able to add the customer or edit customer information.
  • AlexAlex Member Posts: 11
    Thanks Derek, didn't see that option before
  • VirtuousCyclesVirtuousCycles Member Posts: 2

    I'm thinking that this used to work 5 years ago when this was posted but now doesn't work anymore... Is there some other workaround?

  • xbgwmrxbgwmr Member Posts: 13


    Unless you don't have the right permissions, you should still be able to do that. But here's what I would do:

    As long as you have access to reports, you should just be able to go to Reports -> All Transactions -> pick the one you want, and add it here:

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