Is it possible to filter on field in relations?

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How can I search for items where the timeStamp field in the relation "itemShops" has changed in the last n-days?


  • sam123456sam123456 Member Posts: 54

    nvm I figured it out, it's:


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 702 

    As far as I'm aware I don't believe you can filter on a relations query parameter. You could query on any items that have changed, period. But that result set would consist of any item fields that have been modified.

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    interesting, does that include changes to the related fields?

    basically I just want to end up with a query that answers "what items have any changes since x-time"

    for an item search "timeStamp>,..." yields 382 results

    "ItemShops.timeStamp>, ..." yields 642 results

    both yields 360 results.

    so I guess there is no master timeStamp that tracks any change and also no "or" operator when passing parameters so for any model I would need to search for base model + basemodel+child object..

    ... can we please have webhooks? :)

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