Inventory not being pushed to Lightspeed from CartRover

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Hi all,

My company recently connected our Lightspeed Retail POS to a 3rd party inventory management system, Skubana, via integration with CartRover.

After setting up the account, CartRover began importing sales orders to transfer to Skubana, however it simply isn't pushing out the updated quantity from Skubana to Lightspeed.

On Skubana's end everything is running smoothly and is showing that the quantity is being pushed out to CartRover, and CartRover is trying to push out the quantity to Lightspeed, but apparently Lightspeed is blocking this request due to "insufficient rights to perform the request" to update inventory.

I have checked with Lightspeed CS on authorization, and the employee account linked to CartRover indeed has full access within Lightspeed.

After discussing this extensively with CartRover, Skubana and Lightspeed CS, I was asked by CartRover to reach out to Lightspeed CS for API support.

This is quite an urgent matter and we'd like to get this resolved ASAP.

Please advise.


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