Report that shows Received Inventory with eCom Status?

VintageWineGuyVintageWineGuy Member Posts: 101 ✭

Is there any in the box report that shows both newly received inventory and the ecom status? And will let me filter by ecom status?

My use case is I am trying to streamline the process of getting newly received SKUs from LS Retail to LS eCom. There is a Received report, but it doesn't show eCom Status, and you can't filter by eCom Status. Therefore you have to go in to each item to check.

I have not found a way in the system to show Received items and eCom Status. Has anyone figured a better way to do this?

@Lightspeed This would be a great, simple add to this report for your omnichannel customers. Add eCom status as a filter and column to streamline moving new product online.

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