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Dusty Inventory is a great way of identifying items that require some kind of action: repositioning the in the store, moving to a different store, donating somewhere for good Karma, bundling, discounting, etc.

However, one of the limitation of "Dusty" is that the actions may depend on whether the item is Dusty in every store, or only in some of our stores.

Fortunately, we can use Custom Measures to help quickly identify how many stores an item is dusty in.

Default Dusty

When we open up "Dusty", we see Items that are Dusty anywhere, and we see their Dusty Quantities and Costs.

If the item is not Dusty in some of our stores, their Quantities and Costs are not included

Custom Measure: Count of Stores

A simple way we can view the severity of an item's dustiness is by adding a Custom Measure for the count of Stores...

To do this, let's go go the Dimensions and Measures for Store...

We'll see the Dimension of "Store". If we hover over it, we'll get a gear icon.

When we click on the gear icon, it will present us with the option to add a Custom Measure Count or List.

Let's click on "Count"

This will add the measure "Count of Store" to our Dusty report.

Now if we click "Run"

We'll see how many of our stores consider each item to be Dusty:

Finally, if we sort the Dusty Inventory Report by "Count of Store"

We'll see the items that are dusty in the most stores.

If the count of "Dusty" stores are the same as our complete count of Stores, we know that this item is Dusty everywhere.

Custom Measure: List of Stores

Similarly, we can also see which stores each item is Dusty in, by clicking back on the Store gear icon...

and selecting "List"

This will add a Measure to the Report, the List of "Dusty" stores...

Now if we run...

The store names will be included.

This is unremarkable when an item is Dusty everywhere...

But further down the list

We'll get more interesting observations, which may help point to other solutions...

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