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Analytics can return a simple report on Items that are out of stock in any one of our stores.

What if we want to identify items that are out of stock at all of our stores?

We can find which items these are, using an Inventory Report, and Custom Measures.

Step One: Inventory Report.

To begin with, let's open up a Dusty Inventory Report, as this is a good Inventory Core Report.

As a default, "Dusty" is looking at items that are in stock that have not sold during your dusty timeframes at at least one of your store locations.

But we want to change what collection of Inventory we're looking at.

Let's open the filters to the report...

For the test above, we're not interested in whether the Item is Dusty or not, so let's remove the filter for "Is Dusty (Yes / No)" by clicking on the X

Also, we want to highlight Items where the Inventory Quantity on Hand is 0. So let's change the filter for "Item Metrics Quantity on Hand"...

from "is greater than" 0...

...to "is equal to" 0

So our filters should look like

...and if we run our report, we'll get a big long list of items with 0 inventory at at least one of our stores...

Step Two: Custom Measure Count of Stores

The next step to highlighting Items that are out of stock everywhere is by adding a Custom Measure for the count of Stores...

To do this, let's go go the Dimensions and Measures for Store...

We'll see the Dimension of "Store". If we hover over it, we'll get a gear icon.

When we click on the gear icon, it will present us with the option to add a Custom Measure Count or List.

Let's click on "Count"

This will add the measure "Count of Store" to our Inventory report.

Now if we click "Run"

We'll see how many of our stores consider each item to be Out of Stock:

Finally, if we sort the Inventory Report by "Count of Store"

We'll see the items that are at zero inventory in the most stores.

If the count of "Out-of-Stock" stores are the same as our complete count of Stores, we know that this item is out of stock everywhere.

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