Problem with default language.

Hello !

I have a weird problem that does not make any sense to me. We have set 2 languages in our website ; french (fc) and english (us). English is set to be default so when a new customer arrives at our website, it should be in english, right ?

Well it's not. We tried to add redirections and it didn't help. We checked our DNS records and all was OK( don't even know if this is related). I checked all the settings i could think of and i didn't succeed.

So my question is, how can i finally put English as the real default language ?



  • GeannyGeanny Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 113 moderator

    Hi there!

    The language in which your site is displayed, is determined by your browser's default language.

    If my web browser's language is English, I'll see the English version. If my browser's language is French, then I'll see the French version.

    I accessed your site from an iPhone in which the default language is French and your website was displayed in French:

    English browser:

    Hope this helps!


  • Pit_La_QuillePit_La_Quille Member Posts: 22

    This helps a lot !

    Thank you 🙂!

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