Custom Field Checkbox API Bug

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I have created a custom field checkbox on the inventory/product page. I have a custom coded job that runs on a third party server every 30 minutes. That job looks for items in lightspeed that have been updated. In that code I check to see if that checkbox is checked, if it is I do a task and then I set the checkbox custom field value to false (so that the checkbox can be checked again by another user at another time so that job runs again on that item).

Here is the issue, which I have tested on mobile device broswer (both Android, and IOS), the Ipad Lightspeed App, Safari browser on an Ipad, and finally a windows laptop and I get the same issue on all of these devices.

It first appeared that my code for unchecking that checkbox (updating that custom field value to false) was not working because the checkbox was not getting unchecked. Upon further investigation it was apparent that the custom field value was in fact getting updated (looking at the json that was getting returned for that item showed the custom field value as false) but the checkbox was still being checked. Going back out to Item Search and coming back in to the item left the checkbox checked. Going back out to Item Search and going into a different item and then back to the original left the checkbox still checked BUT.......doing a refresh (didn't matter if it was CTRL+F5, CTRL + R, or enter on the URL bar, or clicking the browsers refresh button when the page came back the box was unchecked . Also, on the Ipad App since there isn't a refresh button if I close the App and get back into that item it will be unchecked. Same holds true for the mobile devices (refreshing the page fixes the issue).

I called and spoke to support and they told me to post a message here and someone would get back to me.

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