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Hi, with the Canadian Dollar tanking we are seeing a massive number of new pricelists coming from our suppliers, so I need to find a way to quickly and easily update Cost and Sell for a lot of products from different suppliers and brands. We use a custom Supplier Code and Product code for each sku as there are many skus with the same model # in our industry - so each one has the prefix of 3 letters for the brand at the beginning i.e. APPIPHONE6 not just IPHONE6.

What is going to be the easiest fastest way to match the products to the new pricing to update?

I do wish sometimes that LS had a "spreadsheet" table view that was editable in LS so we could quickly and easily do updates and save them to a lot of products at the same time..

Any ideas?


  • kbaggskbaggs Member Posts: 6 
    Hey Tony,

    The easiest and fastest way to update different product's costs and sell prices would be to do an export of your products Product ID, Code, Supplier, Supplier Code, Sell and Cost fields. This will create a spreadsheet of your products which you can open and sort by Supplier using any spreadsheet software you use (Excel, Numbers, etc.). Then update the new prices/costs for the required products within the spreadsheet.

    To Export your Products, go to Tools > Export > Products. Drag or double-click the field names on the left to appear in the column on the right.

    Then in Lightspeed, navigate to Tools > Import Tools > Import Products. Click Open File and select the spreadsheet you just updated. If the field names in the right column do not match beside the field names in the left column, drag the fields on the right side to match beside those on the left. Only check the Import box for the fields being updated.

    Change the drop-down box from Import Products to Update Products, matching on Product ID. Then click Import.

    We highly recommend you perform a database backup before any large change of this kind to your database. Navigate to Tools > Utilities > Backup Database prior to using the Import/Update Tool.

    Kyle Baggs
    Team Lead - Frontline Support
  • vividprintvividprint Member Posts: 27 ✭
    We have always used excel to make those adjustments. If the supplier has provided a pdf or excel document, we open in excel, use the supplier product code as the target info, and update through Tools>Import Tools>Import Products.
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