XML data with a company name with an " ' " results in an incomplete XML.

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We work with WebHooks a lot to process orders.

When an order is paid we receive a WebHook with the order's XML data.

But it seems when the XML data contains a company name with an " ' " in it the XML data is damaged and can't be read.

Has someone else had problems with this before?

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    Hi Tommie,

    Can you post an example of what it looks like when this issue arises? Can you also PM me the shop ID so I can test if I am unable to reproduce it in my test shop?


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    Unfortunately no, the WebHook that Lightspeed sends are going through one of my API's as well to pass it to Filemaker. To review the data that is being passed I email the payload that my API receives to myself. However when the an order contains a company name with an " ' " it does not get passed through my PHP script and cannot get the PHP input. When the company name does not contain an " ' " it works just fine and I receive an email with the payload. I will PM you the shop ID.

    Thanks for you help!

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