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We have been looking at integrating with the Lightspeed API and have a number of questions:

  • The rest/menu API endpoint is undocumented (both in the developer pages and the Swagger). Are we allowed to use this endpoint?
  • The Product Group (Category) API endpoint does not return the URL for the associated image. Is there a way to retrieve the image associated with a category from the API?
  • There is no (documented) API that returns ingredients for a given Product. Is there a way to retrieve Ingredients from the API?
  • The Establishment endpoint returns (according to the Swagger) Company DTOs. Does this mean that there is a "parent" company defined associated with our authorisation token? And that each restaurant (Establishment) would effectively be a child "Company" returned from the Establishments endpoint?

Given the missing Menu API documentation, are there other undocumented endpoints that would prove useful? Is the online documentation/Swagger up-to-date?

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    Further to the above unanswered enquiries...

    In the InventoryProduct API response there are two additional image location fields, kitchenImageLocation & cfdImageLocation, however, We can only find one place to upload a product image and that is returned in the response as imageLocation. Where in the Lightspeed management console are these two additional images uploaded?

    Can anyone help with this or any of the above enquiries please?

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