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Sometimes we may be interested in knowing the Sales activity, but not what immediately preceded the time we are in now.

Let's say, for example, that in preparing my inventory for the coming few months, I want to see what sold over a 60-day period last year. While we could use a specific range to search for this in Analytics, there is a way that we could build a more sustainable sample using the "advanced (matches)" Filter options:

If we select this option, we will get a simple text field that provides an example of "7 days"

So in the example above, I could add the expression: "365 days ago for 60 days"

Now if I run the report, we get a sample of sales beginning on 365 days ago, with those of the subsequent 59 days...

We could do the same thing for weeks, months, or even years.

Giving us even more options for how to read past data to anticipate coming challenges.

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