Import functionality not working properly

Vishal1224Vishal1224 Member Posts: 10
When import item from CSV, it gives me below error

`We don't recognize the following column(s) in the file: "Qty.", "Tax", "Season", "Department". Please remove them and upload the file again`

But when I export my items I get the CSV in the same format. Qty. is very important for me. how can I important quantity of every item?


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    Hi Visha. The Export and Import actually have different column headers. The column headers that the Import file needs are detailed in this support article. For example, "Tax" needs to be "Tax Class". And Quantity cannot be imported with the tool. However, quantity can be imported with the PO import tool. I always recommend customers import new items using the Import Tool, and then use the same file, with an added column for quantity, to add those new items and quantities to a PO.
  • Vishal1224Vishal1224 Member Posts: 10
    Hello Gsharp, thanks for the response
    Can you just tell me how can i import product with category and parent category,
    I am taking Category field, which works fine, but when i take Subcategory field, it is give me error to remove Subcategory column, although in the article . Subcategory column is valid .

    Can yo tell me What PO import tool and how can i use it ?
  • gsharpgsharp Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 10 moderator
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    Hi @Vishal1224 You're so close! You just need to number the subcategories. So "Subcategory 1" and "Subcategory 2".

    The PO import tool is very similar. It's primary purpose is to quickly get a lot of products onto a PO. It will match products in you inventory on SystemID, UPC, VendorID, EAN, or ManufacturerSKU. So the best practise is to create items with the regular import tool, and then use the same file with an additional "Order Qty" column, and import that onto a PO. Does that make sense?
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    Hello, @gsharp Thanks man for your support, Yes I resolved the issue of Sub Category:). And I also get your point regarding PO import, It is in Ecom Section. But I want to import items in my retail store, Don't worry about it, I already resolved it.

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