Using Lightspeed Payments for Online Processing

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We are building an online scheduling app for a spa that currently has a Lightspeed Retail account using Lightspeed Payments to handle sales of products in their physical store. We're currently determining the full workflow of collecting payments for our online app and wondering if it is possible to invoke their Lightspeed Payments to handle authrorizing/capturing charges for sales we will be passing into their retail account.

Currently, our working plan is a non-integrated payment approach where we collect their CC information via web form, call another 3rd party payment system to capture the payment (Stripe), and if the payment is successful pass the sale and payment information on their Lightspeed Retail account using the retail api. We've managed pushing sales and payment info into the retail system successfully and just need the actual payment capturing. But before using this non-intergrated approach, we'd like to know if Lightspeed Payments can work as the payment capturing endpoint for our online app, and if so, is there api documentation for how this is done? Looking through the api, we've seen and used the endpoint for sales to push sales lines, payments, customer and CCharge info, but we haven't found anything about performing an actual capture if the retail account currently has Lightspeed Payments as its payment processor.

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    Hi - was this question ever answered by Lightspeed? What has been your experience with Lightspeed Payments? We are considering a move from Cayan/TSYS to Lightspeed Payments. Lightspeed will not provide any customer references for Lightspeed Payments, which makes us suspicious. Any input from you would be very helpful.

    Thanks, Patrick

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